Marriage and relationships after a prostate cancer diagnosis

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or with a new partner, communicating well and planning ahead for sex can help keep you satisfied and connected. No matter your age.

Keeping your connection (and your sex life) strong

Prostate cancer can take its toll on your relationship with your partner. From anxiety over your cancer diagnosis, to the physical effects of prostate cancer treatment, to worries about whether your sex life will ever be the same after prostate cancer. It’s normal for you and your partner to have to find your footing again.

The good news? There’s plenty you can do to deepen your connection with your partner. If you're worried about how prostate cancer will affect you and your partner’s sex life, there are steps you can take to strengthen your communication with each other, and bring some intimacy and excitement back into the bedroom.

Check out these articles to learn more about partner communication, sex and aging, and how to use sex dates to spice things up again after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Sex after prostate cancer: communicating with your partner

Talking about sex can be uncomfortable for some people. But open communication can help you and your partner enjoy a better sex life after your recovery from prostate cancer. Get tips to help you prepare for a good conversation, conversation starters to get the ball rolling, and a communication activity you and your partner can use to communicate how you’re feeling about sex after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Discover more about communicating about sex after prostate cancer.

Keeping your sex life strong while getting older

Aging and prostate cancer don’t mean your sex life is over. Sure, things change as we age, and more so during and after prostate cancer treatment. But good sex is still possible. In fact, sexual activity is linked to better health. Learn more about the positives of sex when you’re older and what you can do to reignite your sex life as an older adult.

Prostate cancer and sexless marriage: how planning a sex date can help

Sex may have felt more spontaneous and exciting prior to prostate cancer. You may have to put more thought and planning into things now, but that doesn’t have to take away from the thrill of it. Learn how to prioritize intimacy between you and your partner by planning a sex date. Get tips and ideas for how to make it fun and how to get you both turned on.