About Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer is an evidence-based guide to navigating your sex life after prostate cancer treatment. Covering issues like erectile dysfunction, relationship breakdowns, and stress and anxiety, the guide can help you get things back on track.

Why is sex and intimacy such a huge issue?

Trouble with sex and intimacy after prostate cancer treatment is a common and distressing problem for individuals and couples. It can affect your body, mind, and relationships. On top of this, you might not have the right support from your healthcare team.


Prostate cancer treatments can bring changes to your body in ways you might not expect, and impact your sense of self.


Your mental and emotional health can take a hit while dealing with the aftermath of prostate cancer treatment.


It’s normal for relationships to experience ups and downs, but sexual issues can put extra pressure on things.
Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer addresses all of these, by providing evidence-based strategies (such as exercises, medications, and devices) and supporting you in having conversations with your doctor or care team.
Note: This resource does not replace medical advice from your healthcare team. Always check with your doctor before starting any new physical activities, or if you have questions about medications and devices.

Evidence-based approach

Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer is a global resource — fueled by insights from men with prostate cancer and their partners, as well as healthcare professionals. So, what evidence supports this guide?

With Movember’s support and funding, sexual health experts developed three research pilots to understand how to best support men and their partners address issues with sex and intimacy after prostate cancer treatment. Here are highlights from each pilot that have contributed to the development of this guide.

True North USA Sexual Recovery pilot (USA)

The True North USA Sexual Recovery pilot was a digital resource designed to help couples restart their sex life after prostate cancer treatment. 142 couples took part and most reported feeling less isolated and better prepared to cope with the sexual impacts of prostate cancer after completing the program.

SHARe Clinic pilot (Canada)

The Sexual Health & Rehabilitation (SHARe) project, based in Toronto, was an online sexual recovery tool for men and their partners following treatment for prostate cancer. The project provided tailored guidance on maintaining sexual intimacy and restoring sexual function, as well as online access to sexual health coaches. Most men preferred the online program to the face-to-face clinic.

Maximising Sexual Wellbeing pilot (UK)

Maximising Sexual Wellbeing was an e-learning tool aimed at healthcare practitioners. The goal was to help clinicians deliver better care to men facing sexual problems after prostate cancer treatment. Over 100 healthcare professionals took part in the pilot. Overall, both practitioners and patients said the tool provided relevant information and helped start necessary discussions.

Sexual Health Guidelines: For clinicians

Often, clinicians aren’t well-equipped to have conversations with patients about their sex lives. But to improve sexual health care for people with prostate cancer and their partners, clinicians must be a big part of the picture. That’s why Movember brought together a multidisciplinary, international group of researchers and clinicians to develop the Sexual Health Guidelines.

The Guidelines offer a clinical framework for managing sexual side effects of prostate cancer treatment, as well as improved communication and shared decision-making.

A consumer companion to the Guideline has also been created to encourage people with prostate cancer and their partners to actively discuss sexual health concerns with their doctor and seek personalized treatment and support.

The Guidelines are 100% Movember sponsored and funded, as part of our initiative to provide maximum support for men, their partners, and clinicians alike.

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