Recovering after cryotherapy

After cryotherapy, you’ll usually go home on the same day. You’ll be sent home with a catheter (a thin tube) to help drain your bladder. You’ll need to go back to the hospital to have the catheter removed — usually after 5 to 7 days. Talk to your care team about what you can expect.

You may experience some bruising of your scrotum and the base of your penis, and in the area between your penis and anus. If this is uncomfortable, you can use a cold pack, on and off, in this area over the first 2 days. You may also notice that the top of your penis feels a little numb.

What does
follow up involve?

After cryotherapy, you’ll have regular tests and follow-ups and with your doctor to understand how well the treatment worked.

Which tests will be done?

  • PSA tests — your PSA will be checked every 3 to 6 months, to ensure your levels are where they should be.

  • MRI scan — most men have an MRI a year after treatment. This will be advised by your doctor or care team if necessary.

  • Biopsies — some men

    will need biopsies to monitor the success of treatment.

Talk to your
doctor or care team

Make sure you talk to your doctor or care team about what to expect in recovery. Ask about what you should know for the near future and in the long term, and be sure to make your follow up appointments.

What's next?

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