Prostate cancer fatigue and relationships

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*Currently best for people who’ve had prostate cancer surgery and their partners.

It may not seem obvious, but fatigue can put a lot of pressure on your relationships. Talking things out with your partner, family, or friends can help.

When you’re this drained, normal routines feel harder to complete. Getting things done, especially around the house, can be exhausting. You may find yourself depending on others around you, and it’s uncomfortable. This is where it helps to let the people close to you know how you're doing.

To ease the stress, you can:

  • Share how you feel with someone close – getting it out in the open can lighten your mental load.

  • Talk about what you need with family and friends, and where you could use some help.

  • Note the times of the day that you’re more likely to be fatigued. Plan activities around those times.

  • seek help with work, money, or household tasks

  • Reach out to other friends, family members and health professionals for support.

You may not feel up to some activities that you’ve done together in the past, but you can create new ways to keep your connection strong. Take this opportunity to get closer together, instead of drifting apart.

Fatigue and sex

Energy for sex may be in short supply, whether you’ve had treatment or not. To help with this, plan to have sex during the times of the day you tend to be less fatigued. Include your partner in your plan, and talk together about what times of day could work best. It will take some good communication to find the right rhythm, but it can help you both feel on the same page.

For more support, you can get advice from a sexual health counselor who will understand your concerns. They’ll listen to you and can help you work towards a healthy and satisfying sex life as a team.

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