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About: Radiation Therapy (radiotherapy)

Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) targets high-energy rays or particles at the prostate to destroy cancer cells. It’s commonly used alongside hormone therapy.

Types of radiation therapy

There are 2 main types of radiation therapy (radiotherapy): brachytherapy (or internal radiation) and external beam radiation. Both types use radiation to kill prostate cancer cells, but they work in different ways.


Brachytherapy is a form of internal radiation therapy, also called seed implantation or interstitial radiation therapy. There are 2 types available: low dose rate (or seed) brachytherapy and high dose rate brachytherapy. Either type can be used alone or combined with external radiation.

External beam radiotherapy

With external beam radiation, prostate cancer is bombarded with high energy x-rays.

Who's a good candidate
for radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy is often used to treat cancer that is only within the prostate (‘localised’) as well as cancer that has spread into the surrounding area (‘locally advanced’). In some cases, it can be used after surgery if the cancer has not been removed completely or it returns in the prostate. It can also be used to treat metastatic advanced prostate cancer. Your doctor or care team can help you decide if radiation therapy is right for you.

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