Worried about watchful waiting

For some men, watchful waiting is the best option, but it can come with worries and anxiety.

Just knowing that the cancer is there can be tough, and it might weigh heavily on your mind. And even if PSA tests show that you’re fine, you might get anxious thinking about receiving your next result.

If this sounds familiar, know that these are all normal thoughts to have. But remember, your doctor has recommended watchful waiting after reviewing your current health, age, and other factors that may be important to you. Watchful waiting can also help you avoid problems that more aggressive treatments can bring. Still, if you’re concerned about this path, it’s OK. Talk to your team about any questions you have.

Questions to ask your doctor or care team:

  • Why are you recommending watchful waiting for me?

  • Are there other treatment options?

  • How often will I need to be monitored?

  • Will I need to have blood tests as part of my monitoring?

  • What symptoms might indicate the cancer is growing?

  • What would treatment look like, if I choose to have it?

As always, let your doctor or care team know if you have any questions, issues, or concerns about treatment. Supporting you is the ultimate goal, and they want to empower you to make the best decisions for you.

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