Hot flashes after hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Until now, you probably never imagined dealing with hot flashes. However, if you are receiving hormone therapy, you will most likely would experience them. This is because hormone therapy drastically lowers your testosterone levels.

Hot flashes can be mild, moderate or severe. You may find yourself sweaty and uncomfortable for a few seconds – but in some cases, you can feel hot and sticky for hours.

  • Mild hot flashes can last from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes, and may make you feel warmer than usual and a little uncomfortable.

  • Moderate hot flashes can cause you to feel too hot. You might sweat and find you need to take off some layers of clothing.

  • Severe hot flashes can make you feel very hot and sweaty and you may need to change your clothes or bedding. They can make some men feel irritable, uncomfortable, and sometimes sick (nauseous).

Ask yourself how much hot flashes are bothering you. If you don’t feel they disrupt your daily life, you might not need treatment. However, if you feel like they’re going beyond your comfort level, there are things you can do to


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