Exercising safely during prostate cancer treatment

Light to moderate exercise is safe for most people. While there is a slight risk of injury with any type of physical activity, the benefits of exercise outweigh the risks.

These tips can help keep you safe:

Always talk to your doctor, care team or hauora provider when you begin a new exercise program. They can:

• tell you how to stay safe given your health status

• monitor your health as you recover

Exercise at a gym so you won’t be alone. This is particularly important if you have a:

• heart condition

• history of stroke

• neurological condition

• history of falls

Train with another person, especially when starting an exercise program. This could be your:

• partner

• son or daughter

• sibling

• friend

• whānau member

Start with a light level of exercise if you are in active prostate cancer (matepukupuku repeure) treatment. This is also important if you are new to exercise.

• First, slowly increase the amount of time that you exercise at a given level.

• When you reach your goal time, you can start to increase the intensity.

Think about working with a cancer exercise trainer. Some trainers are certified to work with cancer survivors, so it may be something to consider if you:

• are in active cancer treatment

• have other health concerns

Ask your local gym for cancer exercise trainers in your area.

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