Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research

In Ireland, more than 35,000 men live with prostate cancer. That’s thousands of men going through daily challenges, and in need of more support.

To understand these challenges better, IPCOR sends men with prostate cancer questionnaires about everyday life and the overall journey. As more men respond, their insights will lead to better care and quality of life for men across Ireland and beyond.

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How IPCOR works

To start, IPCOR identifies men who have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and asks them to participate in the study. IPCOR provides a questionnaire about quality of life, including any issues with urinary leaking, stress, sex and more. These challenges are highly important to understand, so care teams can help men improve these areas.

For convenience, the questionnaire can be completed online or by paper form – and is done once a year. IPCOR also uses the study data to form a prostate cancer registry.

Why are patient
so important?


Men can share real, day to day challenges with doctors


Men can be a powerful key to better prostate cancer care


Men can participate in research that benefits others around the world

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Prostate cancer affects men in deeply personal ways. And some days are more challenging than others. Doctors need a way to understand what each man is going through, so they can make better care decisions with men in mind. Questionnaires provide that opportunity for men to share their experiences, from all over the country.
IPCOR and True North

IPCOR and patient questionnaires not only help doctors and researchers – they help True North provide the right tools for navigating the prostate cancer journey.

Our website has a range of articles tailored to your needs. We cover prostate cancer basics and treatment options, and dive into various life changes (such as urinary problems, fatigue, stress and sex). Most importantly, the articles share what you can do to regain control and enjoy more of life.

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Key Leadership
Behind IPCOR

The €1.75 million study is a collaborative cancer research initiative funded by the Movember Foundation and the Irish Cancer Society. It involves the National Cancer Registry Ireland, the HRB Clinical Research Facility in Galway, the National Cancer Control Programme and major academic institutions represented by Clinical Research Development Ireland.

Living with prostate cancer or supporting someone who is?

Tell us about your experience – and earn USD $10 as a thank you. It’ll take around 15 minutes. (We’ll pay another USD $20 for two more surveys over the next 3 months.)

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