Prostate cancer fatigue and exercise

Exercise and physical activity are highly recommended to help beat the fatigue blues. They can improve your:

  • general health

  • energy levels

  • mood

  • sleep

  • appetite

  • strength

  • weight

Getting started

If you’re not currently physically active, it can be tough to get started. But any activity is better than none. Do what you can and build up a daily routine under your doctor’s guidance.

You can start by climbing the stairs, walking a couple of blocks, or going for a swim. The more activities you build up, the more energy and strength you’ll have.

Exercise programmes near you

Some areas have special exercise programmes for men with prostate cancer. The fitness trainers and staff understand your needs and concerns and will be able to work with you to build your routine.
Speak to your doctor or care team, or check
with a local support group
who can help point you to exercise resources.

Worried about getting going?

If you have urinary problems, you might have concerns around leaking urine when exercising. And if you’re on hormone therapy, or have advanced prostate cancer, your bones may feel a bit weak. If you think you might hurt yourself, please talk to your doctor, nurse or physiotherapist about which exercises are right for you.

What's next?

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