Clinical Guidelines for Sexual Health and Prostate Cancer

An evidence and expert opinion-based framework to help clinicians assess and manage the sexual side-effects of prostate cancer therapies, and facilitate shared decision-making between clinicians, patients and partners.These Guidelines are intended for use by clinicians. If you are a person with prostate cancer or their partner, please note that these Guidelines do not replace individual medical advice.  Read more

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Why these Guidelines exist

Prostate cancer therapies can negatively impact patients’ sexual function; this can lead to changes in their relationship with their partner. Reliable information or support is not always available, contributing to distress and relationship breakdowns. These Guidelines provide information about the comprehensive support that patients and partners need. It ultimately exists to support clinicians in helping men and their partners live healthier lives, after prostate cancer treatment.

Let’s talk about sex: listen to leading experts in sexual health and prostate cancer share the importance of the Guidelines.

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What these Guidelines cover

These Guidelines include 47 statements and recommendations that aim to:

  • Provide a biopsychosocial perspective on patients’ and partners’ recovery of sexual intimacy after prostate cancer treatment. It includes recognition of cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual and gender diversity as well as differences in healthcare and legal systems in which care must be considered.

  • Summarize the existing evidence for biopsychosocial rehabilitation.

  • Increase clinician preparedness and confidence to initiate sensitive conversations about sexual concerns with patients and partners, and foster meaningful, ongoing support.

  • Enable clinicians to empower patients with prostate cancer to take ownership of their sexual recovery.

  • Drive better consistency of care and best practices amongst the global clinical community.

  • Document gaps in care that still need further research and implementation strategies.

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Sexual health guidelines for patients

Adapted for use by individuals with prostate cancer and their partners, the patient version of the Guidelines enables pro-active discussion of sexual health concerns with healthcare providers and promotes a personalized approach to rehabilitation.Please note that these patient guidelines do not replace individual medical advice. Read more

Guideline development: a timeline


  • Movember establishes a global working party in sexual health for prostate cancer, later to become the True North International Sexual Health team, with Dr. Daniela Wittmann as chair.


  • The idea to develop summarized guidelines for sexual health care in prostate cancer survivorship arises, utilizing existing research across various disciplines.


  • Value of developing guidelines acknowledged and multidisciplinary leading international researchers and clinicians invited to join the effort. Men with lived experience and partners are also invited to join the author team. Movember proudly agrees to sponsor and fund the development of the Guideline as a part of its initiative to provide maximum support for men, their partners and clinicians alike. The international team collaborates to review and analyze the research literature and writes the Guidelines.


  • Authors invite an international panel of experts in the field of prostate cancer and sexual rehabilitation to review the Guidelines. Men with lived experience also included as key contributors.


  • Publication and launch of the Guidelines.

The development of these guidelines marks the first time that research and clinical expertise on sexual health care in prostate cancer have been comprehensively summarized to influence and guide clinical practice.

To learn more about the development process, go here.


The team of international experts included physicians (urologic, medical and radiation oncologists, sexual medicine urologists, a primary care physician), mental health clinicians with sexual health expertise (psychologists and social workers), nurses, and physical therapists. Men with lived experience and partners were also invited to add their perspectives to the guideline development. Considerations were made for representation from as many countries and cultures as possible.

Guidelines Chair

Daniela Wittmann, PhD, LMSW. Associate Professor Emerita of Urology, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work, Department of Urology and School of Social Work, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Guidelines Co-Chair

The late Eilis McCaughan, PhD. Professor in Cancer Care, Ulster University School of Nursing, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

In total, the Guidelines had input from 37 co-authors, 26 peer reviewers and 2 patient advocates, spanning 14 countries globally.

Full list of contributors can be found within these Guidelines.

Tribute, in memoriam, to Professor Eilis McCaughan (1963-2020)

Eilis McCaughan was a caring nurse, dedicated researcher, beloved mother, and dear friend to all who knew her. She made a significant contribution to the mission of Movember by leading the UK team of researchers in the development of three resources for sexual health care after prostate cancer therapies: a support tool for men with lived experience and their partners, a brief tool to help clinicians engage patients in a conversation about the sexual side-effects of prostate cancer treatment, and an educational program about sexual health in prostate cancer for clinicians. Her efforts and leadership extended significantly to the guideline effort. The legacy of her work carries forward and on through those she worked with and influenced, as well as the community of patients and partners she so passionately served.

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Movember proudly funds  True North, a global prostate cancer initiative.

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