Learn more about: Leaking urine (or pee) when aroused

Why does leaking urine (when aroused) happen after prostate cancer surgery?

During surgery, the muscles around the prostate may get damaged. As a result, those muscles aren’t able to control the flow of urine (or pee) as well.

But remember, urine is a normal body fluid, just like semen or spit. Usually only small amounts of urine leak.

What can you do about leaking?

Short answer, plenty. Read our top tips below.

•Urinate before sex. Wait a few seconds after peeing and use your fingertips to push the urine from gently behind the scrotum and down the urethra. You can then shake the last few drops out in the normal way.

•Put a soft towel under you when having sex

•Have some warm water and towel next to you

•Disguise urine by using a lubricant to moisturize the penis

•Wear a condom to catch any urine that comes out during sex

•Take it to the shower. Sex in the shower can help you relax and will wash away any urine that comes out

•Consider a constriction ring (or cock ring). Some men use a constriction ring around the base of their penis when it’s hard. How does this work? [KH2] The ring presses down on the urethra, stopping urine from passing through. Talk to your doctor or care team to check if using a ring will be suitable for you. You may need to experiment until you find the right tightness so that it prevents urine leaking but is still comfortable for you. As a guide, you should not keep the ring on for more than 30 minutes at a time. Keeping it on for longer periods may damage the tissues in your penis.

Hear from a guy who’s been there: “I seem to leak a bit just before orgasm, it has got better as my incontinence has improved. We’ve got used to it.” – James, 68 years

As always, If you’ve got questions about urine leakage and ways to improve, talk to your doctor or care team for assistance.

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