Changes after surgery for prostate cancer (overview)

What changes after surgery for prostate cancer?

After surgery (a radical prostatectomy), things change. It’s just the truth.

Let’s start with the physical.

Most commonly, guys experience erectile dysfunction or ED. This means your penis isn’t getting as hard as it used to, and you may have trouble keeping it hard during passionate moments. It’s frustrating, and many men have been there.

Some other top issues include changes to your orgasms (they’re dry), changes to your penis size (it’s shorter) and leaking urine during orgasm or when you’re turned on.

The good news is that these changes don’t mean the end of your sex life. Some problems are temporary and will get better over time. And who doesn’t love a comeback?

Some men will be able to find sexual satisfaction with the help of different adapting, trying new tools, getting support from their partner, and working together. This will take patience and persistence, but it’s worth the effort.

What else changes after surgery for prostate cancer?

As you know, surgery and prostate cancer can have effects beyond physical ones. It can impact your mental wellbeing, making you feel stressed, anxious or depressed. It can also strain relationships and amplify tension, fighting and hurt feelings between partners. But these issues can be worked through, with good support.

Have a look below at the links between body, mind and relationships.


Treatment can damage the nerves and blood supply needed for erections


Cancer and sexual challenges following treatment can make you feel down or anxious, changing your feelings about sex


Coping with cancer and sexual challenges can change your relationships with a partner, or your feelings about starting a new one.

For now, we’ll focus more on the physical changes, so you know exactly what’s happening with your body. Choose any of the items below to learn more about the top concerns that guys deal with.

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