Noticed changes to your sex life,
after prostate cancer treatment?
You’re not alone.

Issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), changes in relationships and dating, and overall how you see yourself as a man - are pretty common.

This tool will coach you through reclaiming your confidence - in and out of the bedroom. You’ll learn the tips and tricks for taking charge of your sexual wellbeing, with a partner or solo.

It’ll take work, but it’s worth the effort.

Ready to rock?
Base by base, we’ll coach you through each step of sexual recovery and wellbeing.

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First Base

Where it all begins. We’ll start with the nitty-gritty basics, ensuring you have the right info and expectations before diving into the fun stuff.

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Second Base - Coming Soon

Let’s kick it up a notch. You’ll learn about the latest medications, devices and skills to help with sex and intimacy. You’ll feel more prepared to change your approach, and communicate with a partner.

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Third Base - Coming Soon

Action! It’s time to put all your knowledge and skills into practice. We’re talking shame-free experimenting, with new tools and techniques.

Is this tool right for me?

Right now, this sexual wellbeing tool is best for men who who’ve been treated with surgery (a radical prostatectomy). Had a different treatment? We’re aiming to release more features and resources over time.

Got a partner? Partners are encouraged to join in and act as a teammate, as you navigate this journey together.

Treatments covered

  • Surgery (Radical Prostatectomy)

  • More treatments coming soon

This tool doesn’t have my treatment covered, what now?

You can still find loads of resources on True North. We cover a wide range of treatments, as well as other info on urinary problems, sex and intimacy, mental wellbeing and more.

Have questions about the tool?

If you have any questions about the tool, like when we’ll add new treatments or features, send us a message. You can also let us know how we’re doing so far.

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Your sex life
is in safe hands

We take sexual wellbeing seriously, that’s why we’ve worked with leading experts worldwide to create this tool.

Our experts have counselled thousands of men and their partners over the span of 20 years. Bringing back the fun and exploring new methods is what they know best.

Note: This product does not replace medical guidance from your healthcare team. Always check with your doctor before starting any new physical activities, or if you have questions about medications and devices.

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