Hormone therapy for prostate cancer: Talking to your care team

When considering hormone therapy and how you'll manage side effects, it’s important to have open conversations with your care team.

Who's on
your care team?

In addition to your doctors, nurses and other specialists, consider including a dietitian and exercise physiologist. These diet and exercise healthcare professionals will help you to manage side effects proactively. Good exercise and nutrition can help reduce side effects and help you feel better during treatment.

What should I talk
to my team about?

Before visiting your care team, it's useful to make a list of all your questions. You can write them down, take notes on your phone, whatever works for you.

Here are some questions to ask your care team:

  • What type of hormone therapy are you recommending for me and why?

  • How do I know if my hormone therapy has worked or if it needs to be continued?

  • How long will the side effects last?

  • What will happen if I stop my treatment?

  • Are there any clinical trials I can take part in?

  • Are there other treatments I’ll need to stop my cancer from growing or if hormone therapy is ineffective?

  • What happens if my cancer comes back?

  • Who will be my key contact if I need assistance during this time?

Discussing these questions with your care team and your oncologist (cancer doctor) will help you select the treatment that's right for you.

For additional information on how to navigate the side effects of your cancer treatment you could participate in workshops or info sessions at your local cancer centre.

What's next?

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