Exercising with a partner after prostate cancer

Exercising with another person (like a partner, sibling, child or friend) can be fun and can make your workout that much better. It is also a great way for friends and loved ones to feel like they can support you.

Here are some of the ways a
partner can boost your workouts:


Planning to exercise with someone else makes both of you more likely to stick with it.


Having someone with you keeps you safe during an exercise session.


Working out with a partner can help you have fun and stay safe while:

• pushing yourself a little harder

• exercising longer

• reaching a higher intensity

How to spice up your exercise
routine with a partner

Here are some ways you and your partner can work together and encourage each other during different types of exercise:

Aerobic exercise

Try new activities with your partner that will get your heart rate up. Consider dancing, hiking, biking, swimming or any other activities you might enjoy together. Encourage each other to pick up the pace when it seems you can push yourselves harder. Rest or slow down when you need to.

Resistance exercise

Rest while your partner performs 1 set of a strength exercise, then switch. While your partner exercises:

• check their form

• count their repetitions

• encourage them to do one more rep

Flexibility exercise

Stretch together. Each partner can gently help the other stretch a little further. Go slow and steady to avoid reaching the point where a stretch is painful.

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